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Bye Bye Bitch

June 4, 2012

So Baroness “Bitch” Warsi has succumbed to a corruption scandal. I find myself bewildered. Surely she’s not short of a quid or two? In which case, why do all these rich influential people completely flounder their political career for the sake of a bit of pin money?

I’ve got a theory about this: it’s because they have acquired their riches through dishonest and underhand means. It’s the only way they can view the world. So the border between what they are allowed to do and what they can get away with has become terminally blurred in their minds. They have no moral compass and have lost the ability to discern between right and wrong. In fact, they don’t even understand what they’re doing wrong.

The funniest thing of all is that (in this particular case) this person has been hectoring us on not being religious enough. Well, up your arse, Baroness Bitch.

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